Learn the winning secrets to MDS kit choices & packing your bag!

Whether you are a walker or a racer or somewhere in between, in this Marathon des Sables equipment webinar I will take you through everything you need to know to prepare your kit like a champion, and set yourself up for a successful race.

Tuesday 7th December - LIVE PLUS RECORDED

6pm UK / 1pm ET / 10am PT / 7pm CET

2.5 hours with Q&A

Marathon des Sables Equipment Webinar:

kit choices to optimise your race experience & thrive in self-sufficiency

The weight you carry, as well as wear, has significant impact on your race performance. Optimising your equipment in multi-stage racing is crucial for a successful and enjoyable race. You need to strike a balance between minimising weight and maximising the function of your gear. 

In this webinar about MDS preparations, I will be focusing on equipment choices for all levels of runners, and considerations for varying potential weather conditions.

I know the race inside out and I have won it twice. I know exactly what you need, what you don't need, and how to pack the backpack to run optimally. 

I will share my race preparation knowledge with you, step any step, so that you can prepare with confidence and clarity.

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About Your Host, Elisabet Barnes

Elisabet Barnes is the world's foremost female expert on multi-stage racing. She has raced in deserts all over the world, and in Marathon des Sables four times. She has won the MDS twice, and her success as a coach is evidenced in her clients' completion rate at MDS: 100% in the 2016-1019 editions Elisabet has extensive knowledge of equipment, having built an online retail store from the ground up.

Elisabet loves to see others succeed and to coach runners and walkers of all abilities. Among her coaching clients are those aspiring for a top 50 finish as well as those wanting to complete through walking.

What Clients Say

one size most definitely does not fit all!

Your in-depth knowledge of kit was pivotal in making MDS training considerably easier given your clear understanding that one size most definitely does not fit all! I had the best kit that worked for me in conjunction with a really great, game changing block of training.


my tent mates were jealous that my pack was only 6.5kg

Thank you so much for all your advice and input with training plans, kit decisions etc. I can honestly say that I wouldn't change a thing about any of my kit or food - it all worked really well for me, and all of my tent mates were quite jealous that my pack was only 6.5kg.


Loved the MDS. Turned up well prepared

I just wanted to say a very big thank you for the support and advice. From the food to the gaiters, to my rucksack contents it's literally all down to you. Loved the MDS. Turned up well prepared both in terms of training and kit, and well advised in terms of food/ hydration/ sleep.


What will you Learn?

The Marathon des Sables equipment webinar will be approximately 2.5 hours and we'll have a break in the middle. We will do a deep dive into everything you need to know about kit and answer your questions, such as:

🔸How much can each kg in your pack slow you down?

🔸How do kit choices differ depending on your race ambitions and how do they not?

🔸For whom should weight be part of selecting your MDS shoe and why?

🔸Where are the places you can save weight that are not obvious?

🔸How does the colour of your clothes matter?

🔸What capacity and type should your water bottles be?

🔸The three key weight saving tips on food that don’t impact on the kcal you need to race

🔸The two best ways to pack your sleeping bag

🔸The ways you can pack your sleeping mat and which way is best?

🔸Managing your kit whilst racing vs in camp

🔸Key properties of a suitable backpack

🔸Non-mandatory items that you don’t want to be without

🔸The things you think you need that you should leave at home


Equipment Choices for Marathon des Sables

Elisabet will explain the link between your race ambition and kit choices. You will learn how the weight should be distributed between food, mandatory and essential equipment and how to determine what is not essential.

Why is weight so important and what are the science backed performance implications of the weight you carry as well as wear on different parts of your body?

We walk through the mandatory kit list and demystify it. We answer questions such as what makes a good backpack? What to look for in a sleeping bag? Does colour of your clothing matter in the desert? What to wear in camp? Tricks to save weight off certain items. Which is the best head torch for YOU, who should take poles and who shouldn't, who should wear long sleeves and who shouldn't, who should have spare socks and who shouldn't and so on. Exactly what happens at the race admin check and what you should know so that you can prepare. How many safety pins you really need and why.


How to pack the backpack

Once you have your kit you need to pack it. Many people get a shock once they have it all. IT DOESN'T FIT INTO THE PACK! Fear not, we will cover the secrets behind packing light, fitting it all in, packing for optimum running performance and for optimum race performance. Where you put things in your backpack can make a significant difference to how smooth your race goes and you will learn what needs to go where.


Shoes & gaiters

One of the most dividing topics is the one on shoes and gaiters. What are the exact characteristics of a good MDS shoe? Who should select what shoe? What size should it be? What weight should it be? How can you train to avoid blisters? What to think about when choosing gaiters and having them fitted. Should you be self-sufficient with foot-care supplies?


Your Questions

I will endeavour to answer your questions in this MDS equipment webinar if they are related to the workshop topics. You will have opportunity to ask questions before the webinar via e-mail.

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You will not find this Marathon des Sables Equipment info anywhere else! 

What I will share in the Marathon des Sables equipment workshop include all my personal tips and tricks which have led me to win the MDS twice but also other similar desert races. They are relevant for ALL abilities and ALL race ambitions. 

I know exactly what you need and don't need in order to be successful with your equipment choices for MDS. I aim to take the worry away from you so that you can focus on your training and on other things that matter in your life.

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