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Your coaching and training programme made an enormous difference to me. I feel so much wiser now and understand how I should be going about my running training. I can’t thank you enough. /Craig

I have really enjoyed every aspect of the Marathon training plan!  / Gary

I would whole-heartedly recommend your coaching service to anyone. You saved me and gave me the confidence and the skills to go into the MDS and run it whilst enjoying it. I would never have finished where I did had I been on the 'other plan!' The attention to detail, the genuine passion for running and the desire to help others achieve their goals is what sets you apart from others. My plan was individually tailored, thoroughly considered, and with a no gimmicks approach, which instilled so much confidence in me to tackle both the longer and shorter distances. You and Colin were always there to guide, reassure and help, and answer my questions. You tailored my plan to work alongside my busy lifestyle so it became a joy to train, never a chore. Your in-depth knowledge of kit was also pivotal in making MDS training considerably easier given your clear understanding that one size most definitely does not fit all! Again, I went into the desert knowing that I had the best kit that worked for me in conjunction with a really great, game changing block of training - all attributable to you!  /Rebecca

Your coaching was perfect for me. Your plans pushed me but also gave me flexibility when traveling and working long hours. Knowing what I had to do each week and completing each session gave me great confidence. My fitness and speed increased rapidly without suffering any injuries. /Mary-Anne

As for your coaching plans Elisabet, genuinely very happy, I dont think there is much I'd change. You were always an email away, you responded quickly and answered everything precise and to the point.  I wouldnt hesitate in recommending the champ to anyone. /Ash

I have absolutely loved being coached by you and this is the fittest I have ever been. My running has improved so much and I have enjoyed every single session that you have given me. Without the training plan that you provided me with I would not have been able to complete the event. The plan and guidance was spot on and even at the end my legs felt great and I always felt that I had another gear if needed. It was tough but I really enjoyed the whole experience. / Alison

I really want to thank you for all your help over the last few months I wouldn't have even got close to being ready without you. /Sue

Just wanted to say thank you for the training plans and all the help and advice you gave me. The plan was perfect.. /Sacha

I just wanted to say a very big thank you to you for all your fantastic plans you have written for me and for the support and advice you have given from the food to the gaiters, my rucksack contents is literally all down to you. Loved the MDS. Turned up well prepared both in terms of training and kit, and well advised in terms of food/hydration/sleep etc and all went rather like clockwork. /Lizzie

Thank you so much for all your advice and input with training plans, kit decisions etc. I can honestly say that I wouldn't change a thing about any of my kit or food - it all worked really well for me, and all of my tent mates were quite jealous that my pack was only 6.5kg and that I enjoyed all of the food I took and never went hungry! Mentally I was able to draw upon various experiences that I'd had during my training - not least during the long stage. Thank you for giving me such detailed, varied training plans. It was all quite different to what I was used to but I really enjoyed it all and was grateful for your reassurance whenever I felt that I wasn't doing enough and might not be able to manage the event. /Nicky
Thank you for spending time talking me through everything. I draw a huge amount of comfort and confidence from speaking with you. /Neil
Just wanted to say a big Thank You for all your efforts with me to get me through my race. I know it hasn't been easy finding things I can manage easily and at times you must have been pulling your hair out wracking your brains wondering what to try next!! I'm not your typical client I know!!! I honestly enjoyed every minute, had very few downs really. I was on my own a lot, but then I really did enjoy those times best of all. Just me, my thoughts and the beauty around me. Can't put into words how much I appreciate what you have done, you are a very special person. /Elaine