June 20

RTW Day 5: Touching the sky

Richtersveld Transfrontier Wildrun overview available here.
Day 5 was simply not my day in terms of running but equally I had nothing to race for as such and actually racing would only achieve one of two things (or both): a quicker time in the results list or an injury due to falling over on the technical trail. Neither of which would help me prepare for my next race in a week’s time, nor move me up in the women’s overall results. As such I ran easy and tried to enjoy the varied trail of the last day as much as possible. We had three climbs and a bit of headwind and despite the shorter distance if 26km this was not a particularly easy day. The highlight was definitely in the last few kilometres where we ascended up to 531 metres to a high point overlooking the /Ai-/Ais Hot Springs Resort on the other side of the Fish River below us. (If you suffer from vertigo this is probably not your thing!)

View from the trail. Photo: Ian Corless

From there we descended a very steep track. Ian Corless was waiting in a corner taking shots and he exclaimed: “I love this! It’s Skyrunning!” I was less ecstatic and replied “that’s why I don’t do skyrunning!” Nevertheless I did enjoy the stunning views as I made my way down. I had kept company with Jaci Richards from Australia for the last 1.5 hours or so as I caught up with her on the ascent and we ran in across the line together. She had given me some tips for my next race in Australia, the Big Red Run.
Higher trails on Day 5. Photo: Ian Corless

It was great to catch up with the others who had finished and enjoy a couple of well-deserved cold beers. A few of us then headed of for an hour drive to visit the majestic Fish River Canyon viewpoint in the sunset before returning for the prize giving and celebratory dinner. A perfect end to a perfect week!

All daily race reports & kit list:
2016-06-17 17.55.10 HDR.jpg
Fish River Canyon viewpoint


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