I am very reasonable and like to keep things simple. Nevertheless the small print is necessary. I have tried to keep it as straight forward as possible. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you can’t find what you are looking for.


  • Online workshops / webinars are non-refundable but you can transfer your place to someone else. Contact me to request this at least 24 hours prior to the event start.
  • Online workshops may not be recorded and redistributed by participants.
  • A ticket to an online workshop is personal and for one person. If you want to watch together with another person you should purchase one ticket each.
  • Online workshops may be recorded by UltraCoach and repurposed. This means that if you ask a question/comment in an online workshop this may be recorded and viewed by others. By signing up you consent to this. If you are not comfortable with this you can ask your question beforehand.
  • Any bonus content purchased, such as the kit list, is your personal copy. It may not be redistributed, shared with other individuals, re-sold, published on the internet, social media, or in any other media, whether personal or commercial, without my prior written consent.
  • UltraCoach assumes no liability for penalties, race results, withdrawal, equipment failure, injury, medical problems, or any other event, as a result of you using the information obtained in the online workshop or any related material. 
  • Always check the up-to-date race rules and mandatory equipment list from the race organisation.
  • Testimonial comments may be repurposed and published on my website.
  • UltraCoach has no association with any races.


Payment, Discounts and Cancellations

  • If you have paid for 6+ months in advance and need to stop the coaching entirely, you can get a partial refund. The coaching fee payable will then be calculated based on months started, setup fee, and USD 50 (or equivalent in other currency) administration fee, all calculated at full normal price. The remaining difference can be refunded instead of you pausing coaching.
  • If you have signed up the Marathon Des Sables Package and need to stop the coaching entirely, I may agree to a partial refund. The coaching fee payable will then be calculated based on months started, setup fee, fee for any fixed components (Kit List, Nutrition Guide), extra calls and guidance if used, and USD 50 administration fee, all without discount.  The remaining difference can be refunded. Fixed components are non-refundable. If you cancel before having received them I will deliver them to you.
  • Previous clients who wish to re-start coaching may be required to pay a new Setup fee if more than 6 months passed since the previous plan stopped, OR if there have been significant changes to circumstances, such as a drastic change in level of fitness or the occurrence of an injury.
  • Any refunds due must be claimed within 30 days of you deciding to cancel your coaching.
  • If you would like to secure a coaching place for a point in the future, I can only guarantee a place if you pay a deposit of USD 140.00. The deposit is non-refundable should you change your mind. When you start coaching the deposit will be deducted from your setup fee. You can reserve a place up to six months in advance. If, due to circumstances outside of my control, I am unable to deliver coaching to you from the agreed start date, your deposit will be refunded.

Delivery of the plan and tracking of progress

  • I typically deliver the plan in blocks which may be 1-4 weeks long. This depends on your circumstances and what I feel is appropriate.  A new block is typically delivered 1-2 days before it starts and subject to you having provided me feedback on the previous block via e-mail, TrainingPeaks or phone/Skype and your payments being up to date. If I don’t hear from you there may be a delay in your plan or it may not be tailored to all your whereabouts for that period.
  • I use TrainingPeaks for delivery of your training plan. You therefore need a TrainingPeaks account.
  • I prefer to track your progress in TrainingPeaks and you can set up an automated link between TrainingPeaks and your device (Garmin etc). Catching up via e-mail, phone or notes in your plan is also ok.
  • If I don’t hear from you I will assume that you are able to more or less follow the plan and doing well. It is your responsibility to let me know if you need help, guidance or changes to the plan.

Support via e-mail and video calls

  • Calls are 30 minutes. I typically use zoom but I am also happy to use FaceTime or WhatsApp. I am generally based in Norway but may travel from time to time. Any call charges resulting from you not being able to call me via wifi-enabled means as per above, are your responsibility.
  • I do my very best to support you when you need it, however, I sometimes travel to remote locations. This may impact on my ability to connect. In such cases it may be necessary to bring forward or delay a call. If I anticipate issues I will always plan for this and keep you informed.
  • If e-mails are excessively long I reserve the right to treat one e-mail as two or several and this will come out of your e-mail allowance and I may charge you extra. Should this be the case I will let you know (but relax – it has never happened! :-))
  • It is not possible to “bank” call time or e-mails for later. For example, if you didn’t use all your call allowance in February, you can’t add it on in April for more support during that month. Rest assured however, that my coaching clients typically get all the support they require within their existing plan.
  • The support I offer via e-mail or video call as part of your package is primarily related to your training progress. If you require guidance on other aspects of your preparations, for example a review of your nutrition plan or a personalised kit list, these are services that I may need to charge additional consultation time for.

Pausing your coaching

  • You can pause coaching in the event of injury, serious illness or life circumstances which makes it necessary to stop running for a while. A pause should be a least 1 month and can last up to 6 months.
  • After 6 months a new setup fee may be required.
  • Any pre-paid package will expire after 6 months from the pause beginning unless you decide to re-start at the 6-month mark. No refund will be given after this time. If you wish a refund instead of a pause you should claim this within 6 months from the pause beginning, otherwise your fee is forfeited.
  • During a pause your TrainingPeaks Premium account will be downgraded to basic and your coach connection may be temporarily cancelled. If you would like to stay on Premium or be connected to the coach, this can be arranged for an extra fee.

Liability for injury & your performance

  • In using the information delivered in my training plans and all associated documentation via any media, you agree to always performing a warm-up properly before any workout, and immediately cease any exercise which results in pain or discomfort.
  • You agree to contact me as soon as you notice any niggles, injuries or unusual tiredness or illness so that I can recommend appropriate action and work with you to limit the risk of further injury and get you back on track.
  • If you get injured I will likely request you to see a professional sports injury specialist for diagnosis and treatment. If you refuse, it may negatively impact on the effectiveness of the coaching services.
  • It is my aim to deliver a safe plan that will minimise the risk of injury. Nevertheless, when we perform physical activity and train for extreme events, injury may occur for any number of reasons. When you sign up to my coaching services, you agree not to hold me responsible for any injury or loss that is incurred through the use of the information that I have provided.
  • You may have specific goals you want to achieve, for example place on the podium in a certain race, or run a Marathon in a specific time. I always do my best to try to guide you to realistic goals and to help you achieve what you have set out to do. However I am not able to guarantee that you will achieve certain goals and I cannot take any responsibility for your race performance.

Marathon des Sables Package

  • Please note that the discounted price for this package is for upfront payment before the coaching begins but I can accept two instalments for all packages which include kit list and nutrition guide if required (see below). Monthly payment is fine but will then be at the normal coaching rate plus the extras paid for separately, eg no discount.
  • Upfront payment. Partial refund possible if you have to withdraw from the race or want to stop coaching (see refund policy)
  • Your first block of training will be delivered one to two days before start date. We will communicate beforehand and you will be required to fill in a questionnaire and we will have a call as part of the setup process so that we can get to know each other better and so that I can customise your plan.
  • It is possible to pay in two instalments for packages which include food plan and kit list. If you opt for this I will not release the food plan until you have paid your second instalment. The first instalment is required before coaching begins.


  • The Marathon des Sables Kit List with consultation is intended for entrants to the Marathon des Sables and is for personal use.
  • I may request that you show proof of entry to Marathon des Sables on purchase of this kit list, or that you in other ways can prove that is for your personal use only. If this is not possible we way refuse to sell you the list and refund you.
  • The kit list is your personal copy. It may not be redistributed, re-sold, published on the internet, social media, or in any other media, whether personal or commercial, without my prior written consent.
  • UltraCoach assumes no liability for penalties, race results, withdrawal, equipment failure, injury, medical problems, or any other event, as a result of you using the kit list template to plan your equipment for MDS.
  • UltraCoach strives to keep the template up to date but assumes no responsibility if the mandatory equipment requirements for the race change and the template becomes incorrect. It is the purchaser’s responsibility to always check the up-to-date mandatory equipment list from the race organisation.
  • UltraCoach has no association with MDS. This template is a guide based on previous participants experience.


These terms and conditions may change at any time and without notice.

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