November 22

Ever thought about how you run?


How often do you think about how well you run? How you move?
Many runners are just focused on how many miles they do or how hard they train. Communities like Strava don’t help. It’s all about being on top of the leaderboard, recording epic suffer scores, gaining mile badges, stealing CRs… And then, boom! you get injured. Funny that…
If you pay attention to HOW you actually run you can gain incredible benefits. Move well and you will not only be more efficient, but you will also reduce risk of injury.
With good running technique as the foundation and a well structured training plan, you can set yourself up for success. Just like technique coaching is focused on the specific areas you as an individual can develop, a training plan should be tailored to your individual running and sports history, your own goals, and fit with your life and work commitments. Two people training for the same race may have very different prerequisites and requirements.
For in-depth insight into how you can move better I always recommend you see a specialist technique coach.
I have been fortunate enough to be able to work with some really good people to develop my running. Last week I spent a day with Mike Chisholm, physiotherapist and director of The Physio Studio, and Shane Benzie, technique coach at Running Reborn. These professionals are true experts in their respective fields and when they work together, magic happens!
Mike assessed me: range of movement, nerve pathways, condition of my fascia, history of trauma which could manifest itself in movement dysfunction etc. Mike’s in-depth knowledge of the human body and the accuracy by which he pin-pointed and instantly addressed issues was simply mind blowing. It was a privilege to be in the hands of someone so knowledgeable and experienced.

Assessment & treatment by Mike

The initial treatment that Mike did on me based on his findings was then put to the test in a running movement assessment with Shane. I have already worked with Shane in the past so we could compare the data from previous sessions, one which took place during the long stage of the recent Grand to Grand ultra where Shane was doing research. It clearly demonstrated that the treatment Mike had done on me, had already had an impact. Shane and I then continued to work on the areas that we knew I could develop, using various technique drills and reassessing with video analysis.
Technique coaching with Shane in a real outdoor environment

Shane uses ViMove technology for his analysis: sensors are placed on the shins which then record data of your running dynamics while you run such as ground reaction force, acceleration and deceleration during the running stride, cadence etc. Combined with 360 degree video analysis and the ability to then take this into tangible recommendations for how to improve is invaluable information for any serious runner.
Shane’s assessment takes place outside in a real environment unlike most running technique assessments. Shane also understands ultra running incredibly well, having worked with many ultra runners and performed movement research at numerous multi-stage races. I can honestly say that with Shane’s help you have the potential to revolutionalise your running.
Shane at work in the dunes with another client

For more information about Shane Benzie’s technique coaching services visit his website, Running Reborn.
For more information about my bespoke coaching plans and consultations for ultras and multi-stage races such as the Marathon Des Sables, visit UltraCoach.
If you work with both Shane and myself to prepare for an upcoming race we can (with your permission) discuss your particular needs in both the area of technical development as well as endurance and running fitness. This means that you get a holistic, integrated approach to your coaching and can maximise the chance to reach your potential.
Happy running!


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