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Terms & Conditions

Payment, Discounts and Cancellations

  • If you are paying monthly you can cancel your coaching at any time by e-mailing One week’s notice before your next payment is due will be required. 
  • BACS is the preferred payment method (UK bank account) but I also accept PayPal and credit card payments on request.
  • I offer 10% discount for 24+ weeks paid in advance. These payments should be made by Bank Transfer (UK bank account). I reserve the right to add an administration fee for other payment methods.
  • You can pause your coaching for a minimum of 4 weeks and up to a maximum of 6 months. We then break all communication, support and payments until you are ready to start again. If you get ill or injured and need to defer your race entry to the following year, it may be possible to pause your coaching beyond six months for up to one year. This is entirely at my discretion and may be subject to price adjustment once you re-start in line with current price list. A pause beyond six months may also be subject to a new setup fee.
  • If you have paid for 24+ weeks in advance and need to stop the coaching entirely, I may agree to a partial refund. The coaching fee payable will then be calculated based on months started, setup fee, and one month's administration fee, all without discount. The remaining difference can be refunded instead of you pausing coaching.
  • If you have signed up the Marathon Des Sables Package and need to stop the coaching entirely, I may agree to a partial refund. The coaching fee payable will then be calculated based on months started, setup fee, fee for any additional components that have already been delivered, and one month's administration fee, all without discount.  The remaining difference can be refunded.
  • Previous clients who wish to re-start coaching will be required to pay a new Setup fee if more than 6 months passed since the previous plan stopped, OR if there have been significant changes to circumstances, such as a drastic change in level of fitness or the occurrence of an injury.
  • Any refunds due must be claimed within 2 months of you deciding to cancel your coaching.
  • If you would like to secure a coaching place for a point in the future, I can only guarantee a place if you pay a deposit of £100.00. The deposit is non-refundable should you change your mind. When you start coaching the deposit will be deducted from your setup fee. You can reserve a place up to six months in advance. If, due to circumstances outside of my control, I am unable to deliver coaching to you from the agreed start date, your deposit will be refunded.

Delivery of the plan and tracking of progress

  • I typically deliver the plan in monthly blocks which may be 4-5 weeks long. A new block is typically delivered 1-2 days before it starts and subject to you having provided me feedback on the previous block via e-mail or phone/Skype and paid for the next block. If I don’t hear from you there may be a delay in your plan or it may not be tailored to all your whereabouts for that period.
  • Plans are typically delivered in pdf or excel depending on your preference.
  • Sessions are specified per day and you decide if you prefer kilometres, miles, or duration. I can also deliver HR guidance if you are familiar with your resting and max Heart Rate or additional HR measures.
  • I can track your progress in various ways. If you record your training online I can track you via Strava, Garmin or any other easily accessible and free source that you may use. Catching up via e-mail, phone or notes in your plan is also fine with me.
  • If I don’t hear from you I will assume that you are able to more or less follow the plan and doing well. It is your responsibility to let me know if you need help, guidance or changes to the plan.

    Support via e-mail and calls/Skype

    • Calls are 30 minutes and can generally be done via Skype, FaceTime, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or mobile phone. I am generally based in the UK but may travel from time to time. I cannot guarantee that I will be available on a UK mobile. Any call charges resulting from you not being able to call me via wifi-enabled means as per above, are your responsibility.
    • I do my very best to support you when you need it, however, I sometimes travel to remote locations for training or racing. This may impact on my ability to connect. In such cases it may be necessary to bring forward or delay a call. If I anticipate issues I will always plan for this and keep you informed.
    • If e-mails are excessively long I reserve the right to treat one e-mail as two or several and this will come out of your e-mail allowance. Should this be the case I will let you know (but relax - it has never happened! :-))
    • It is not possible to “bank” call time or e-mails for later. For example, if you didn’t use all your call allowance in February, you can’t add it on in April for more support during that month. Rest assured however, that my coaching clients typically get all the support they require within their existing plan.
    • The support I offer via e-mail or Skype as part of your package is primarily related to your training progress. If you require guidance on other aspects of your preparations, for example a review of your nutrition plan or a personalised kit list, these are services that I may need to charge additional consultation time for.

      Liability for injury

      • In using the information delivered in my training plans and all associated documentation via any media, you agree to always performing a warm-up properly before any workout, and immediately cease any exercise which results in pain or discomfort.
      • You agree to contact me as soon as you notice any niggles, injuries or unusual tiredness or illness so that I can recommend appropriate action and work with you to limit the risk of further injury and get you back on track.
      • If you get injured I will likely request you to see a professional sports injury specialist for diagnosis and treatment. If you refuse, it may negatively impact on the effectiveness of the coaching services.
      • It is my aim to deliver a safe plan that will minimise the risk of injury. Nevertheless, when we perform physical activity and train for extreme events, injury may occur for any number of reasons. When you sign up to my coaching services, you agree not to hold me responsible for any injury or loss that is incurred through the use of the information that I have provided.

      These terms and conditions may change at any time and without notice.