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Shane Benzie


Shane Benzie is a running technique analyst, coach and movement specialist, he coaches a running form based on maximising efficiency and managing the effects of impact on the body. He has worked on six continents and often in extreme environments such as desert, jungle, arctic and mountain environments. Shane uses unique analysis technology that allows him to work in the natural environment. Working with Shane is a great complement to your running plan. It can help you run more efficiently and thereby maximising the benefits of following a program. 

If you are training for Marathon des Sables or another multi-day ultra, you can make use of Shane's multi-day race workshop. This is designed to create an efficient running form which increases performance and significantly reduces your chances of injury during training and the event itself.

Running/walking analysis using unique movement sensors and 360 degree video analysis will enable you to understand your current running form and where changes can be made. All of the analysis takes place outside in the natural environment and away from the treadmill with option of using full kit.

The coaching is based on a utilising the body's natural movement. Moving the way we were designed will make maximise our potential as an athlete. Particular attention is paid to posture and our fascial system which is responsible for the creation of elastic energy and elastic recoil in our body. If we change our perception of our movement we change the movement itself.

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