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Bespoke Coaching

All my training plans are are bespoke and created from scratch based on you. This is because I want to give you the best chance you can to train safely, stay injury free, maximise your potential and reach your goals. 

My plans are based on established methods and sound coaching principles from various experienced and successful coaches, on science, and on my own experience. I am a full-time athlete and coach, certified by UK Athletics. In addition, my background in management consulting and particularly change management is of benefit to my clients in many ways.

What can I offer?

  • Training for an ultra-marathon, and particularly a stage-race like the Marathon des Sables can be overwhelming and very time consuming. I help you fit the preparations around your work, life and family commitments. This can greatly help reduce the stress that can result from focusing on an event like this for a prolonged period of time, having to manage expectations and demands from people around you.
  • I create a bespoke plan that takes into account your sporting history, current fitness level, previous injuries, ability and race ambitions in order to minimise risk of injury and help you enjoy consistent, effective, safe and progressive training. The incidence of injury is very low among my clients.
  • I can help you with all preparations of your race. This may include goal setting, race nutrition, clothing and equipment, mental preparation, race strategy, and guidance on acclimatisation.
  • If you are training for Marathon Des Sables, my credentials speak for themselves. I have completed the race four times, won the women’s race twice and finished 11th overall. All my coaching clients who started the 2017 edition finished, and I have coached walkers to competitors. I know this race inside out and you will benefit from my knowledge to help you get there prepared and be the best you can be.

I don't have a "standard plan" that I tailor. That is because everyone of my clients is very different. And why should you have to fit your life around a plan when the plan can fit around yours? I am not a miracle worker, you may need to change some priorities when you start your coaching with me. However, we work together to make sure that your goals and the training you can put in are a realistic match and something that works with your life as a whole.

If you don't need a complete plan, I am happy to offer consultations and assist you with feedback on a self-developed plan, any questions you may have on training or your upcoming race, or just some inspiration and confidence-building if you feel stuck.